Balzac House of Paris
Abbey of Villers (Belgium)
Dauphinois Museum of Grenoble
Senate’s library
Balzac Museum – Castle of Saché
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne (Australia)
Hector Berlioz Museum of La Côte-Saint-André
Museum Hildegard Von Bingen (Germany)
Municipal Library of Tours
Wellington Museum of Waterloo (Belgium)
The National Library of France
Tokyo Fuji Art Museum (Japan)
Municipal Library of Angers
Goethe National Museum of Weimar (Germany)
Victor Hugo’s House (Place des Vosges, Paris)
French Museum of Photography  of Bièvres
Bavarian Museum of the Castle of Ingolstadt (Germany)
Tokyo Fuji Art Museum & 26 french museums (Louvre, Orsay…)
Historical Library of Paris