First contacts with the Journal des Débats were not really  friendlyIn 1824, Victor Hugo wrote to the chronicler from the Journal des Débats who wrote under the pseudonym « Z », because Z had said Hugo was a Romantic. The poet gave a strong answer to what he considered as an attack.

To the Bertin family

Hugo exchanged many letters with Bertin’s daughter. His own daughter, Léopoldine, also wrote to her for some years. 

Hugo affectionately called Louise « the second mother of my children ».

Letter from Victor Hugo
to the editor of the Journal des Débats,
Paris, July 31, 1824

About the Roches

From 1824 to 1843, Hugo wrote many letters which showed his love for the Roches :

« I will give all for the Roches »« All the fir trees of the Black Forest are not worth the acacia of the court of the Roches »

With Juliette Drouet

Juliette and Victor, the two lovers, very often wrote to each other. Juliette spent the holidays (1834 and 1835) at the Metz, in a small house that her « Toto » rented for her. They would put their love letters in a hollow chestnut tree.

Edition of the correspondence of Juliette Drouet (University of Rouen)