Comité d’honneur


Founder :

  • Mr. Daisaku Ikeda, founder of the Fuji Art Museums and the Min’on Concerts Association

Members :

  • Mr. Jack Lang, Former Minister for Culture
  • Mr. Alain Decaux, Member of the « French Academy »
  • Mr. Hervé Bazin, Former President of the « Goncourt Academy »
  • Mr. Marcel Landowski, Chancelor of the « French Institute »
  • Mr. René Huyghe, Member of the « French Academy »
  • Mr. Georges Poisson, General Keeper of the National Heritage, Honorary president of « The Writer’s Road »
  • Mr. Gonzague Saint-Bris, Writer
  • Mr. Jean Gaudon, Professor emeritus of French Literature (University Paris XII)
Mr. Poisson, Mr. Gaudon, Mr. Yamazaki, Mr. Huyghe, Mr. Moine, Mr. Landowski and Mr. Saint-Bris
Mr. Moine, director of the Literary House (1991-2023),
Mr. Huygue and Mr. Gaudon