Message A Pelletier-Le Barbier

Message from Mrs. Anne Pelletier-Le Barbier, Mayor of Bièvres

For thirty years this year, the Maison Littéraire de Victor Hugo has made known to the public the work of one of the greatest French writers and, more modestly, the village which has the honor of sheltering him. As mayor of Bièvres, I can only rejoice at this exceptional contribution to our commune whose reputation, thanks to you, extends well beyond our borders, among all lovers of literature, history and the « French spirit ».

Beyond a unique collection of documents relating to the illustrious writer, the Maison Littéraire allows us to approach the man who loved to come and recharge his batteries at the Château des Roches. In this house, the Victor Hugo myth becomes human again, closer to us. Everyone was able to see many photos but what an emotion to contemplate the pages written by his hand!

Thank you for sharing with us these unparalleled testimonies of the life and work of this genius.

On behalf of Bièvres, thank you for allowing the name of Bièvres to be forever associated with the glory and talent of Victor Hugo.