Allocution T Aitmatov

Contribution to the protection of the “Treasure” of Eastern and Western minds

Speech for the inauguration of the Literary House of Victor Hugo

Mr. Ikeda’s action to open the literary house in memory of Victor Hugo in the vicinity of Paris is in no way a small attempt, on the contrary it seems to me that the modern world is becoming a common space where more and more ethnic cultures are interacting with each other. In this regard, I think we can see in this achievement a new modern trend of a qualitatively high level of cultural cooperation. […] In this case, the great French writer Victor Hugo is a bridge between Japanese readers and European history and culture. In this sense, Victor Hugo takes on a new dimension and the democratic romanticism in his work will now attract a new generation of readers and give them the opportunity to discover the epic legacy of the Revolution in France and Europe. West and East, this immutable whole, represent not only two sides of the world, but West and East are also the sum of the processes of human spirituality. The contribution of Mr. Daisaku Ikeda who protects this common treasure is also remarkable in the field of the creation of a memorial house, it is the generous contribution of an active person from Japanese society to French society.

Tchingiz Aitmatov

Kyrgyz writer, Ambassador of the USSR to Luxembourg