Allocution P Moine

As a bridge of literature and civilization of the world

Speech for the inauguration of the Literary House of Victor Hugo

During the Romantic era, this house belonged to Bertin the Elder (1766-1841), defender of the arts and owner of the Journal des Débats. From 1815 to 1841, his literary salon attracted the most eminent political and artistic figures: Chateaubriand, Berlioz, Ingres, Liszt, Girodet, etc. The most prominent guest was Victor Hugo. Mr. Ikeda deeply loves the works of Victor Hugo, it is to pay homage to works full of universality and humanism, that he founded this house dedicated to the literary work of the great poet. […] In addition, many works by Victor Hugo have come from all over the world over time. And we also have in our collections the fruit of the support of donors from overseas countries, who have offered translated books showing the worldwide diffusion of Hugo’s work. For example, the Turkish translation of Les Misérables began during Victor Hugo’s lifetime and was completed sixteen years after his death. […] Our objective is that this literary house can contribute to the dissemination of the work of Victor Hugo and participate in the development of a civilization of the world.

Philippe Moine

Director of the Literary House of Victor Hugo